16. March 2019

Information for students from outside of Hamburg:

  • Public Transportation

In Hamburg, we are really lucky to have a mostly reliable public transportation system which takes you anywhere. Gymnasium Klosterschule is located very close to central train station and can be reached with all HVV trains. The closest train stations are “Berliner Tor” and “Lohmühlenstraße“. Here is some information on which tickets to get for your stay:

  • Host Families

We have been quite lucky to always be able to host a certain number of students from abroad. As we want to keep it this way, here are some simple guidelines to follow for you stay:

  1. Obey their rules!

Since they are so generous to let you live with their family, the least you can do is obey to their rules, even if it means you’ll be late for your beloved MUN-party because of the family dinner. Also, we are aware that Hamburg is a very attractive city to party. Yet, we sincerely ask you to adapt to your family. If you have a host sibling your age that wants to go for it, show you around and the parents allow it – great, but if they just want to spend some time with you or they simply do not allow it, please accept that.

  1. Don’t expect too much!

This is not to say that you should be okay with sleeping in a dumpster. However, we hope it’s needless to say that you can’t expect your own room. All we ask of the host families is to offer you a bed, breakfast and dinner. And while most families will do more (and maybe expect more from you as well), please don’t be disappointed if this is not the case.

  1. Be nice!

We shouldn’t have to say this, but sometimes we feel that it’s still necessary – be nice! We know it’s scary to live with strangers for four days, but we assure you, it will be a lot easier if you’re nice and open-minded. Yes, the conference is exhausting and after a long day of debating and maybe an evening event you won’t feel like telling strangers about your day – do it anyway. You might be tired the next day, but you’ll also feel more at home if you actually take the time to get to know your host family and maybe even make friends for a lifetime. Also, don’t forget to communicate! Often the problems we had deal with could have been solved by communicating a little bit better. To break the ice in the beginning, why not get them a little gift or some sweets from your home to show your gratitude? They’ll love it!

  1. Anything not so nice?

While we just preached to be nice and adapt to your host family, of course, some things are not okay and we are very well aware that some things can go wrong on the host families’ side too. If this is the case and you have trouble with anything concerning your host family, please don’t hesitate to contact our Accommodation Manager.

We hope you have a pleasant stay!

  • Hotels

If your delegations would rather stay at a local hostel or hotel and you need help finding affordable options, please feel free to contact our Accommodation Manager.