Our School

16. March 2016

Our school

The Ganztags Gymnasium Klosterschule was founded in 1872 as a secondary school for girls.

In 1992, the school became the first state-run all-day school (“Gymnasium”) in Hamburg, a real exception in all of Germany. Today, about 1000 pupils attend the Klosterschule.

In the heart of Hamburg our school is located near the “Berliner Tor” public transportation station, where busses, subways and local trains cross.

You can visit the Alster, which gives its name to our conference, by foot.

The Klosterschule has an artistic focus, consisting of additional classes for the fifth and sixth graders in music, theatre and art, several extra curricular activities for every student and several other projects, organized by pupils and teachers.

Many of our pupils are bilingual, and more than 40 different mother tongues are spoken. Conveying cross-cultural competence is naturally an important goal for us, supported in everyday-life at school, as well as in the MUNs some pupils attend throughout the year. This is finally completed by the first international MUN conference at our school, Alster Model United Nations 2016.

You can find more information on our school website. (German)