How to: Ambassador Speech

14. September 2019

Writing the Speech

  1. Know your time limit
    1. Your Opening Speech for AMUN has to be 45 – 60 seconds long
  2. Focus on ONE topic
    1. Depth is more important than breadth, so focus on the issue that matters most to your nation or address one similar group of issues
  3. Word limit
    1. About 150 words for a one minute speech ensures that you have enough time to state your point clearly
  4. Formatting
    1. Choose a font that you’re able to read well, the same goes for spacing and size
    2. If you need to, don’t shy away from underlining or the like to make sure you know what to emphasize

Delivering the Speech

  1. Practice and be prepared
    1. Practice at least one day in advance
    2. Timing is important! Make sure to get it right, otherwise you will be told to “come to your closing remarks” (which might be some kind of embarrassing) because you are talking for longer than allowed
  2. Body Language
    1. Make sure to have eye contact with the audience frequently
    2. Don’t put your hands in your pockets
  3. Tone and Pace
    1. Speak slow enough for people to be able to comprehend what you are saying
    2. Make sure to talk into the microphone
  4. Be confident
    1. If you’re not – fake it till you make it, but it does make a big difference to the audience
  5. Let mistakes happen
    1. If you make a mistake, just move on, most people won’t even notice if you don’t point it out yourself