Issues on the Agenda and Research Reports

11. March 2019

Issues on the Agenda AMUN 2019:

You can access the research reports by clicking on the respective issue.

1st Committee (DISEC)
Debating a legal framework on nuclear ICBM disarmament, aiming at an international treaty
Combating piracy in southeast Asia


2nd Committee (ECOFIN)
Taking measures to secure international copyright laws on the internet and social media
Establishing guidelines on the transparent allocation of development aid and finding regulations to monitor its use


3rd Committee (SOCHUM)
Fighting the increasing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria with special regard to the overuse of reserve antibiotics
Ensuring the protection of and assistance to internally displaced persons


4th Committee (SPECPOL)
Consequences following the use of nuclear energy and release of nuclear radiation
Evaluating previous political and humanitarian measures undertaken in relation to the Rohingya crisis in order to resolve it


6th Committee (legal)
Taking measures to combat the illegal trading of commodities (e.g. fossil fuel) with terrorist organisations
Establishing guidelines to ensure better and safer working conditions in quarries and mines


Security Council (UNSC)
Finding a Long-term solution to the Libyan conflict
The issue of Mexican drug cartels and their international impact
Finding solutions to defeat Boko Haram


Please hand in your Position Paper by the 1st of September.

Here you can find a guide on how to prepare for the conference and how to write and structure your position paper.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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