Position Paper

10. September 2018

Here are some frequently asked questions about Position Papers. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. What is a Position Paper and how do I write it?If you don’t know how to write your Position Paper, check out this template:

    Sample Position Paper Template

    Sample Position Paper Template
    or search for samples and tips here.

  2. When and where do I have to hand it in?


Your Position Paper has to be handed in til October 7, 2018.

Please submit it to the Chairs or Presidents of your Committee or Council.

1st Committee of the General Assembly: amun.firstcommittee@gmail.com

2nd Committee of the General Assembly: amun.secondcommittee@gmail.com

3rd Committee of the General Assembly: amun.thirdcommittee@gmail.com

4th Committee of the General Assembly: amun.fourthcommittee@gmail.com

6th Committee of the General Assembly: amun.sixthcommittee@gmail.com

Security Council: amun.seccouncil@gmail.com




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