Issues on the Agenda

Issues on the Agenda eAMUN 2020 1st Committee (DISEC)– Establishing further regulations on the usage of landmines– Implementing regulations regarding the deployment, recruiting, financing and training of mercenaries 3rd Committee (SOCHUM)– Finding a comprehensive definition for the term climate refugee– Establishing guidelines on the privacy of individuals regarding state mass surveillance 4th Committee (SPECPOL)– Taking measures[…]

Privacy policy/ Datenschutzerklärung

Privacy Policy We are very delighted that you have shown interest in our enterprise. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the Alster Model United Nations. The use of the Internet pages of the Alster Model United Nations is possible without any indication of personal data; however, if a data[…]

Deadlines AMUN 2020

Below you can find all important deadlines: Pre-registration: April 3 Chair application: April 30 Students from the Klosterschule: April 30 Research Report: June 15 (Chairs only) Final registration: August 15 Payment conference fee: August 15 Position Paper: September 1

The 1st Committee

Insults and laughter in the first committee: Most delegates of the first committee are making efforts to discuss combating piracy in southeast Asia. Except for the delegate of Yemen who continuously makes the humanitarian crisis the country is facing a topic by saying “it should be discussed in all committees”. He would appreciate it if[…]

The 4th Committee

“Stand up and put your chairs under your table, we need room to dance, people!” – Main Chair of the fourth committee.The delegates better hurry because the first tunes of “CL500” by the cultural legend GZUZ from the German rap scene are already floating through the room. After some bad-ass dance moves (GZUZ would be[…]

The 3rd Committee

The third committee is discussing how to deal with internally displaced persons (IDPs).The resolution suggested by the delegation of France was chosen to be the draft resolution, even though some delegates, for instance Myanmar, criticize that IDPs, which are victims of violence, are not included in the resolution. In their opinion they should be clearly[…]

The 6th Committee

It’s Wednesday, 2:15 pm and while this school day is over for most students, the lobbying in our committees is really starting to take off now. The sixth committee is discussing illegal trading of commodities with terrorists as well as working conditions in mines and quarries. From the beginning on everybody seems confident that global[…]