16. March 2016

AMUN 2019

The 1st Committee

Most delegates of the first committee are making efforts to discuss combating piracy in southeast Asia. Except for the delegate of Yemen who continuously makes the humanitarian crisis the country is facing a topic by saying “it should be discussed in all committees”. Full article

The Security Council

As I walk into the Security Council, loud voices stream out of the open door. The delegates are scattered around the room but there is a crowd forming around the delegate of the United States of Mexico. Full article

The 4th Committee

“Stand up and put your chairs under your table, we need room to dance, people!” – Main Chair of the fourth committee.
The delegates better hurry because the first tunes of “CL500” by the cultural legend GZUZ from the German rap scene are already floating through the room. Full article

The 3rd Committee

The third committee is discussing how to deal with internally displaced persons (IDPs).
The resolution suggested by the delegation of France was chosen to be the draft resolution, even though some delegates, for instance Myanmar, criticize that IDPs, which are victims of violence, are not included in the resolution. In their opinion they should be clearly included in the resolution. Full article

The 6th Committee

It’s Wednesday, 2:15 pm and while this school day is over for most students, the lobbying in our committees is really starting to take off now. The sixth committee is discussing illegal trading of commodities with terrorists as well as working conditions in mines and quarries. Full article

Speech by David Jacob, AMUN-Alumni

“Because I remember thinking to myself after organizing an MUN for the first time ‘why the hell did we do this to ourselves?’ and ‘there’s nothing in this world that could make me do this again.'” Full speech

AMUN 2019 Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, 18thSeptember 9:50 am in the hallways of the Klosterschule– When looking around you see chatting delegates with excited faces, some are classmates and some are new faces that might become your closest allies or fiercest opponents during the upcoming debates. There is one noticeable feature, which is characteristic for high level conferences: Full article

AMUN 2018

”One must keep fighting for peace“

(Gandhi), the Delegate of the Netherlands demands and argues ”violence is not the solution“ to the controversial topic of taking measures to establish lasting peace in Yemen. Everyone desires peace but in the third committee the delegates seem to have quite different opinions on how to solve this war. Full article

Do we save the lifestyle of our people or the future of humanity?

It is a historical moment.” This is how the Delegate of the Central African Republic starts his speech about the resolution to ensure the access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all. He states that it will bring all the power to all the people. Find out what other Delegates have to say about that. Full article

Pizza,Human Rights and Love – what is it all about?

If you want to find it out click here

Press Team 2018

New year, new Press Team! This year the Press Team has decided to introduce themselves before they report about this year’s AMUN conference. See more

AMUN 2017

Interview with Shari Andrée, Deputy Conference Manager

The Press Team had some serious questions for the Deputy Conference Manager. You can read the interview here.

The 2nd Committee

“Don’t worry, be happy!”, the loudspeakers are shouting in the Second Committee. Although that might not be the most effective solution to stabilize currencies in South America, it’s… a start. Luckily, the Republic of Cuba has prepared a resolution to tackle this issue with some more specific actions, for example encouraging other countries to invest or further invest in Latin American countries. Full article

The 1st Committee – Alster Model United Nations

The 1st Committee – Alster Model United Nations

“Do you want to start debating the resolution or do you want to do gossip first?”, the chair asks. “Gossssssiiiiiiipp”, the committee shouts back like a choir. Well, ‘improving international efforts to prevent terrorist attacks by terrorist cells and single perpetrators’ is put off for a few more minutes. Full article

The 3rd Committee

“This resolution sucks, Jeeezz!” Not something you hear that often from a delegate on the floor. And the resolution better be a good one, since it is dealing with the serious issue of FGM – “Female Genital Mutilation”. As a matter of fact the motion to table the resolution is proposed a few speeches later. Full Article

The PGA – espresso-loving, single Italian

In today’s interview the Press Team was finally able to have a little talk with the lovely, espresso-loving, single Italian, who also happens to be the PGA of this year’s AMUN conference. Manuel Loparco, 21 years young gave us the answers to some burning questions. You can read the interview here.

Look what the Hamburg Parliament Press wrote about our Opening Ceremony!

An article about the Opening Ceremony by the press of the Hamburg Parliament

Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

The Hamburg City Hall Tour

The Hamburg City Hall Tour

The Opening Ceremony took place in the beautiful Hamburg City Hall. The almost fully wooden construction was built from 1886 to 1897. In the 19th century the ground was very musty so the house had to be build onto 4.000 wooden poles. The style that you can find in all the rooms is historicism and the value of just the outside is round about 60 to 80 million Euros. Full Article

The Opening Ceremony – Alster Model United Nations

The Opening Ceremony – Alster Model United Nations

And so it begins! Alster Model United Nations is back in the game, it’s been one year and things have changed. No school auditorium anymore, instead a location just slightly fancier: the City Hall of Hamburg. When walking across the red carpet, one gets the feeling of suddenly being very important. Full Article