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2. June 2020

How do I get involved as a chair at eAMUN?


Are you interested in participating in eAMUN as a Chair?

Every debate at an MUN relies on the leadership and experience of a chair. Making sure that every delegate follows the Rules of Procedure and helping inexperienced delegates to write their resolutions and to participate in the debates are among the main responsibilities of a chair.

You have to make sure that your committee works effectively and that the debates are conducted in a fruitful manner. The ability to cooperate with your co-chair and to take responsibility for your delegates are crucial for being a successful chair.

You will need to write Research Reports before the conference so that the delegates in your committee can  prepare their nation’s positions adequately. The deadline for the Research Reports will be announced soon.

In order to apply as a Chair for eAMUN 2020, please register for eAMUN 2020 through the registration form here.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Your eAMUN Executive Team

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