Press Team 2018

25. October 2018

New year, new Press Team! This year the Press Team has decided to introduce themselves before they report about this year’s AMUN conference. That is only right given the circumstances that the members of the Press Team are the people who will follow (stalking would not sound formal enough, right?) the Delegates, Chairs and the Executive Team around for the next few days.

This is the first MUN conference most of the members of the Press Team ever participated in, so please bear with them.

Nevertheless, the Press Team is very excited with anticipation of the following days of debates, punishments and new friendships. Fun fact about us, most of us spend the last year in a foreign country. For example in Michigan (USA), Mexico, Peru, Australia and New Zealand.

If someone wants to know more, please do not be shy. The Press Team does not bite and welcomes conversations with different participants of this year’s conference!