Previous Research Reports

26. August 2020

We had to take all research reports off the internet and will re-upload them as soon as possible.

AMUN 2019

1st Committee (DISEC)
– Debating a legal framework on nuclear ICBM disarmament, aiming at an international treaty
– Combating piracy in southeast Asia

2nd Committee (ECOFIN)
– Taking measures to secure international copyright laws on the internet and social media
– Establishing guidelines on the transparent allocation of development aid and finding regulations to monitor its use

3rd Committee (SOCHUM)
– Fighting the increasing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria with special regard to the overuse of reserve antibiotics
– Ensuring the protection of and assistance to internally displaced persons

4th Committee (SPECPOL)
– Consequences following the use of nuclear energy and release of nuclear radiation
– Evaluating previous political and humanitarian measures undertaken in relation to the Rohingya crisis in order to resolve it

6th Committee (legal)
– Taking measures to combat the illegal trading of commodities (e.g. fossil fuel) with terrorist organisations
– Establishing guidelines to ensure better and safer working conditions in quarries and mines

Security Council (UNSC)
– Finding a Long-term solution to the Libyan conflict
– The issue of Mexican drug cartels and their international impact
– Finding solutions to defeat Boko Haram

AMUN 2018

1st Committee (DISEC)
– Preventing the use of chemical weapons
– Supporting administrative developments in post-conflict countries

2nd Committee (ECOFIN)
– Ensuring the access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all
– Ensuring the livelihood of small farmers after natural catastrophes

3rd Committee (SOCHUM)
– Protecting child refugees in camps
– Taking measures to establish lasting peace in Yemen

4th Committee (SPECPOL)
– Establishing guidelines to adequate healthcare for pregnant women in LEDCs
–  Establishing guidelines to adequately treat active and former child soldiers

6th Committee (legal)
– Solving the territorial disputes in the Arctic Sea
– Establishing guidelines for member states to issue identification papers for refugees

Security Council (UNSC)
– Mediating the military conflict between the Republic of Turkey and the Kurdish Militias (no RR available)
– Addressing the territorial conflict in the Kashmir Region
– Resolving the Ukraine conflict