The 2nd Commitee – Do we save our lifestyle or the future?

25. October 2018

It is a historical moment.” This is how the Delegate of the Central African Republic starts his speech about the resolution to ensure the access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all. He states that it will bring all the power to all the people.      

However, the Delegate of the Kingdom of Norway expresses his strong disagreement with this resolution while running through his hair (which he does all the time). The reason for that is Norway’s high dependency on fossil fuels as an export product. On the other hand, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Kingdom of the Netherlands support the resolution. The Delegate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands just wants to fine-tune some operative clauses and add amendments.

Further into the debate the Delegate of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh also expresses his concern about the resolution. Moreover, he asks why countries like China or Germany have to share their energy with others who cannot compete with them.

He adds that energy is the backbone of the economy and that they cannot sacrifice the lifestyles of their people for the betterment of some lives in a small African country. ”The delegate of the Central African Republic just shakes his head and expresses his frustration, distaste and disappointment with the other countries for putting their stock market above the future of humanity. A heated debate is sparked off, which also continues during the break and ultimately is prolonged for further debate.

In the end the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the Russian Federation cannot convince the other countries of this committee to vote against this resolution. So, we’ll see if it passes in the General Assembly on Wednesday.