Chair- get involved!

How do I get involved as a chair at AMUN?   Are you interested in participating in AMUN as a Chair? Every debate at an MUN relies on the leadership and experience of a chair. Making sure that every delegate follows the Rules of Procedure and helping inexperienced delegates to write their resolutions and to[…]


How do I get involved as a delegate? What does a delegate do? As a delegate you play a vital role in every Model United Nations (MUN): You represent your assigned country as well as its values and positions in one of the committees, where you debate political issues of fundamental importance. Before the conference[…]

The third committee

”One must keep fighting for peace“ (Gandhi), the Delegate of the Netherlands demands and argues ”violence is not the solution“ to the controversial topic of taking measures to establish lasting peace in Yemen. Everyone desires peace but in the third committee the delegates seem to have quite different opinions on how to solve this war.[…]

Add Staff

Do you want to be part of the Add Staff at AMUN? Add Staff is short for additional staff, which means you don’t organize the conference, but you help out while it’s taking place 1.What does the Add Staff  do? As Add Staff it is your job to make the conference and the debates in[…]

Host Families

How can I host an AMUN participant? (Scroll down for a German translation) Are you interested in hosting an AMUN participant? Each conference is based on international relations and hospitality. With about 40% of our guests coming from other schools in Germany and from abroad (e.g. Denmark, Estonia at AMUN 2019), host families are essential[…]

World Health Organisation Speech, 6th committee

A speech by the World Health Organisation about “establishing guidelines for the privatisation of water” “Most honourable Chairs, fellow Delegates, hard working Add Staff and dear guests. Providing access to water is one of the most effective instruments in promoting health and reducing poverty. 17% of the global population lacked access to safe water resources[…]

The General Assembly

102 delegates in one room and it is comparatively quiet. How can this be? The Russian delegate gives us the answer right before he delivers the opening speech to his resolution about increasing international efforts to prevent terrorist attacks: “Very hard work” went on “all night long”. Right, of course! Well, then we’ll excuse the[…]