Issues on the Agenda

Issues on the Agenda eAMUN 2020

1st Committee (DISEC)
– Establishing further regulations on the usage of landmines
– Implementing regulations regarding the deployment, recruiting, financing and training of mercenaries

3rd Committee (SOCHUM)
– Finding a comprehensive definition for the term climate refugee
– Establishing guidelines on the privacy of individuals regarding state mass surveillance

4th Committee (SPECPOL)
– Taking measures against the practice of incarcerating people based on their ethnicity, religious beliefs, heritage, gender and sexual orientation
– Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories

Security Council (UNSC)
– The situation in Cameroon
– Establishing measures to enforce the arms embargo in Libya

United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA)
– Establishing guidelines for sustainable forestry and mediating the conflict between environmental and economic interests regarding deforestation
– Developing guidelines for deep-sea mining with particular regard to practices that cause environmental issues

Human Rights Council (HRC)
– Securing the right to protest with special regard to operations carried out by government agencies
– The question of infringement of human rights during an epidemic crisis


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