1st Committee – first day

The general lack of sleep of the delegates of the 1st Committee was especially noticeable after lunch break. While the amount of coffee and the still not decreasing number of yawns were astonishing Canada, Iraq and Australia showed their energy running low by beeing late not only one but two times. Unfortunately they managed to get out of the second punishment, because Australia had medical issues.

Nevertheless, after an intense lobbying period and a dress code check by the Conference Manager and the Secretaries General themselves the 1st Committee ended up with a whole of six delegates to be punished.

The Chairs decided to give punishments such as praising Kim Jong Un (very professionally done by China who amongst other things called him an attractive menis there a new political love affair we should know about?), complementing everybody in the room (Belarus kept it quit trivial: nice tie, nice necklace, nice shoes. Only the chair got a more personal compliment on her eyebrows), doing the chicken dance (Australia did her best) and telling an embarrassing story (it probably is nobody’s favourite thing to call your team mates mother fat by accident. We feel you Canada…).

The United States and Iraq had the pleasure of addressing their challenge directly to the Main Chair. Next was the Republic of Iraq apologizing for being late by singing the well known Justin Bieber song Sorry (“Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I’m missing more then just your body!”), the USA had to kiss the Main Chair after he was punished for not wearing proper pants. After a confused attempt on kissing his hand and the impatient comment of the MUN-Director Ms. Weinbrenner “Can’t they just kiss like real man kiss?!” he ended up kissing his cheek which the Chair seemed to enjoy a lot. One might get the idea that coming up with suitable punishments is of more value than boring board stuff.

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