The big people’s playground

There is a time where everybody grows too old for the sandbox. The first Committee showed us today that this fact doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to grow out of kindergarten behaviour. Discussing the issue of a threat by weapons of mass destruction in outer space turned into a narrow minded check mate situation between the big countries of this world. While everybody pretended to agree on the goal to prevent an arms race in outer space the alleged “grown-up-states” mommy Russia, daddy Murrica and uncle North Korea fought about who should stop throwing sand first. I mean, why let words be followed by actions? Giving up the chance of destroying all human kind would be totally childish…

And as we all know children shouldn’t interfere with grown up talks. It would be way to easy to listen to little Israel with it’s incredibly simple solution:

Just get the fuck down to earth!!

And the moral of it all: Listen to your kids, even if they’re small!

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