The 4th Committee

“Stand up and put your chairs under your table, we need room to dance, people!” – Main Chair of the fourth committee.
The delegates better hurry because the first tunes of “CL500” by the cultural legend GZUZ from the German rap scene are already floating through the room. After some bad-ass dance moves (GZUZ would be proud!) the committee is ready and energized to start with the first resolution which tackles the issue of evaluating previous political and humanitarian measures undertaken in relation to the Rohingya crisis in order to resolve it.

Myanmar as the previous home country of the Rohingya refugees and main submitter of this resolution gives a convincing speech and asks every member nation to vote in favor of this resolution in a whole. However, the OC 10, which accuses the UN Fact-Finding Mission of corruption, arises quite some critical questions. The mission had investigated that the Myanmar military carried out gross violations of human rights of the Rohingya causing the refugee crisis. Myanmar fights off various critical comments during the whole duration of Time in Favor and, once again, encourages all member states to vote in favor of this resolution by emphasizing the strong points of the resolution as it “Has children and education in it!”. Think of the kids, people!

Well, as Time in Favor elapses and the committee moves into Time Against this resolution, UNHCR and other delegates use the chance to get their discontent off their chests. Even after some constructive amendments, the resolution does not pass. But that only clears the way for the part that the whole committee has been waiting for: punishments and most of all the gossip. There is quite a lot of shipping going on and someone seems to have a personal agenda when all the single male delegates are asked to reveal themselves… Will we know more after the party tonight? Rumor has it that the two chairs and maybe even the “fiiiine looking” Add Staff will show up. Some delegates seemed to enjoy their punishments a little too much and there was a suspiciously high demand of cookies…

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