The 3rd Committee

The third committee is discussing how to deal with internally displaced persons (IDPs).
The resolution suggested by the delegation of France was chosen to be the draft resolution, even though some delegates, for instance Myanmar, criticize that IDPs, which are victims of violence, are not included in the resolution. In their opinion they should be clearly included in the resolution.
This is supported by many delegations, especially Yemen but also by the People’s Republic of China. In contrast to that, the delegate of the United States of America thinks that the focus should be on IDPs due to natural disasters as they are more commonly spread and occur more frequently.
Later on the committee discusses an amendment to strike out psychological support for IDPs completely, which is voted for by the majority including the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China.
However the delegates do not want to exclude psychological support for IDPs completely but clarify that psychological support is not as important as general medical care.

In the end many delegates were supporting the resolution and were surprised by the seemingly instant change of heart of the delegates of the People’s Republic of China and the United states of America, which held a speech stating that their countries would not be financially supporting this resolution. The delegate of the United States also said that many countries would not get financial support. It left the committee shocked, even though the delegate does not have the power to decide this himself.

The third committee furthermore decided to not go demonstrating on friday and instead storm area 51.
Editor’s note: Why not go protest for the climate in Area 51?

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