General Assembly: First two resolutions

So the GA was quite confusing, right?

The DPRK succeeded and really made an amendment about control which passed (!!!), Canada protested, a delegate nearly fell while walking up the stairs.

But let’s start where it was all quiet and in order.

First, the resolution about stabilizing democracies in developed countries was discussed (read more: The 4th Committee). After lunch, the resolution made by the 6th Committee, about regulating the use and distribution of of intellectual property on the internet was presented and discussed intensively.

It all started when the DPRK made an amendment about how to control the use of the internet. It suggested to supervise internet access with: a) an ID registration needed before gaining access and b) a certain minimal age being defined for the use of internet.

After some speeches and motions, the vote surprised everyone: th GA was mainly in favour of this amendment. The canadian delegate was shocked and therefore held a speech aboout his amendment which had the intention to cancel the one which was decided upon before.

He stated it shocked him how so many nations of the UN could want a completely controlled state.

The delegate of Israel who supported DPRK for some reasons, held many speeches to convince the other delegates that this amendment shouldn’t pass. He really fought for it, which maybe led to the majority of votes against.

The DPRK says “the delegates who voted for us are thinking for our future safety” so we’re looking forward to a safe and controlled future.

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