6th committee, 21st and 22nd September 2017

“Establishing guidelines for the privatization of water” is the issue of the agenda the legal committee started debating in the evening of the second day of AMUN. The main-submitter of this resolution is the Republic of Estonia. In his speech the delegate addressed this topic as being a question of dignity and of human rights. He stated that the privatization of water is the most efficient way to make “quality water sources in Less Economic Developed Countries (later referred to as LEDCs) and More Economic Developed Countries (later referred to as MEDCs) more accessible.”

The delegate of the United Mexican States asked for an explanation of the sanctions that would result from violating the guidelines established in the resolution. The delegate of Estonia then had to admit that he hadn’t thought about that and encouraged the nations present to define the sanctions in the amendments later on.

Furthermore, the time in favor of the resolution was peppered with questions regarding definitions. After the information required to fully understand the resolution was exchanged, the real debate began.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan accused the United States to have claimed the Jordan River as theirs and as Israel’s property. Thereon the delegate of the U.S. reminded Jordan insistently that the country already received financial support in the past and that he had no right of accusing the United States to have “stolen” the river. A motion to follow up was then rejected by the Chairs and the Delegation of the The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan had to withdraw, feeling unsatisfied.

In the following hour the debate developed into a conflict between Jordan and the United States.

“The U.S.A is nothing!” shouted the delegate of Jordan when he made a speech regarding his amendment to add an operative clause.

Thereafter the delegation of the U.S. made a motion for the right of reply and said: “This [comment] is downplaying the role of the U.S on a global spectrum as well as it’s downplaying all the fundings the U.S. has given to Jordan. [And therefore the delegate demands an apology.]”, which she received.

Afterwards, the debate continued in a more friendly style and amendments were made in which no nation was offended.


Jordan trying to convince the U.S.A to give them their Statue of Liberty

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