The General Assembly

102 delegates in one room and it is comparatively quiet. How can this be?

The Russian delegate gives us the answer right before he delivers the opening speech to his resolution about increasing international efforts to prevent terrorist attacks: “Very hard work” went on “all night long”. Right, of course! Well, then we’ll excuse the slightly tired looking faces. Maybe the delegates need some more time to wake up and that is why the debate quickly moves into time against the resolution. And there we go, the house fills with life, and amendments are proposed and discussed. Some countries are still not over the changes that were already undertaken or not undertaken in the committee while debating the resolution for the first time and try their luck once again. After all, the resolution passes: terrorists, we’re coming for you!

The second committee dedicated its time to environmentally friendly tourism and put together a resolution. Colombia makes use of its persuasiveness and pulls the ultimate argument that “even the countries that are known to make stupid decisions support this resolution”. Why is everyone still hesitating? Let’s adopt the resolution by acclamation! But the debate goes on and moves towards the issue of climate change. In this context, the US would like to know how global warming can be an issue when it is getting colder. Sharp point! Nonetheless, there are still some amendments to make and speeches to give. The UK can’t seem to do so without a picture of the Queen (what an impressive commitment!). Although there is a motion to extend the debating time, the presidency moves on to the voting procedure due to a lack of time. The resolution passes as well.

During all this debating the delegates have somehow managed to find the time to write some gossip and it seems that there are quite a lot of love affairs going on within the MUN community.

The well-deserved lunch break soon comes to an end and the General Assembly continues with the resolution concerning the issue of supporting international efforts towards the reunification of refugees with their families. In Turkey’s speech the ambassador is very upfront when he asks for money to deal with all the refugees in his country but the request fails when the PGA asks the ambassador to “maintain a formal debating form”. Insider sources state that the delegate was spotted working a lot last night, so that might have something to do with that… When it is time to vote, the house is divided due to too many abstentions. With fifteen votes in favor and fifteen votes against, the resolution barely fails.

Now it is time to discuss some measures to reduce air pollution in metropolitan areas. Once again, the US feels the need to give a speech saying that climate change does not exist. Russia suggests an amendment in which nuclear energy is considered “green energy”. Well, it fails. Unlike the resolution as a whole, which passes.

The last resolution that is to be debated deals with the issue of water privatization. Even though everyone has already participated in hours of intense debate (not to mention all the hard work the previous night), the discussion remains serious and productive until the time in favor elapses. There are neither any speeches against the resolution nor any  amendments so the GA goes straight into voting procedures and the resolution passes. Maybe efficient is the most adequate adjective to describe the last debate. Anyway, there is some leftover dessert from lunch, so who are we to complain, right?



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