The third committee

”One must keep fighting for peace“ (Gandhi), the Delegate of the Netherlands demands and argues ”violence is not the solution“ to the controversial topic of taking measures to establish lasting peace in Yemen. Everyone desires peace but in the third committee the delegates seem to have quite different opinions on how to solve this war.

While the Delegates of Qatar and South Sudan agree that ”it must end peacefully and fast“ (the Delegate of South Sudan), this certainly is a stab in Saudi Arabia’s back by South Sudan since South Sudan is a Co-Submitter of the agreement submitted by Saudi Arabia to increase the weapon delivery from trustworthy countries to the Yemeni military and to invite nations to join in and support Yemen with their military troops. It is especially the French Republic, which believes weapons would be necessary for the intimidation of the “Houthi terrorists“.

In the meantime the Delegate of Pakistan seems to betray his fiancé (the Delegate of Iran) because he keeps chatting with the Delegate of Saudi Arabia even though Iran and its ally, the state of Qatar, both agree to hate Saudi Arabia.

However, in the end Iran and Pakistan receive ”the best couple award“, meaning the relationship with Saudi Arabia must have been a short flirt only. At least the Delegate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is voted the most handsome.

At the same time the two Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the French Republic have their own special conflict: Saudi Arabia refuses to apologize to the French Republic and therefore violates the human rights.

The third committee debates another important topic: protecting child refugees. The Delegate of the UAE tries to get an amendment through, which aims to keep mentally ill refugee children in the refugee camps together with their families so that any contact with local citizens can be avoided. The Delegate of Qatar argues that the traumas of the refugee children could affect the local population negatively and “they might spread“. Luckily, this amendment did not pass due to the majority of the committee agreeing that this amendment created places similar to “prison“ (Delegate of France).


Another topic in the conversations were the several punishments Iran and France had to take, which led to France getting the award of “the most likely to end up in prison“.

The third committee also had a lot of gossip and many more intense, interesting and fruitful debates.

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