The big people’s playground

There is a time where everybody grows too old for the sandbox. The first Committee showed us today that this fact doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to grow out of kindergarten behaviour. Discussing the issue of a threat by weapons of mass destruction in outer space turned into a narrow minded check mate situation[…]

1st Committee – first day

The general lack of sleep of the delegates of the 1st Committee was especially noticeable after lunch break. While the amount of coffee and the still not decreasing number of yawns were astonishing Canada, Iraq and Australia showed their energy running low by beeing late not only one but two times. Unfortunately they managed to[…]

1st Committee in session: inteligence work

During lobbying time the different groups proceeded with defining their statements and demands on the two topics concerning “Intelligence work” and “Prevention of an arms race in outer space”. While the discussion about weapons was rather quiet the two groups dealing with the issue of “Who are we allowed to spy on?” and “Who do[…]

Opening Ceremony

This year’s AMUN opening ceremony was, in fact, really “open”. With many delegates looking forward to fruitful and interesting debates, it was a pleasure to see the representers of nearly all nations united. Also the guest speaker professor Fiedler, who held an encouraging speech about the importance and the role of organizations like this, and[…]

Welcome to!

Welcome to! We’re happy you’re interested in Alster Model United Nations. The conference will take place from the 21st October to the 24th October in the city of Hamburg, Germany. At our conference, topics of international importance will be discussed and debated by international students, who will be delegates for different nations and NGOs, presenting the[…]